Green and White football scarf

433 Northern Fury Dalok & amp; Football Chants

Unfortunately North Queensland Fury now defunct but chants kept for posterity

8204 The Sydney Family A great chant sung against Sydney FC to the Addams Family tune.
9976 We All Hate Gold Coast sung by Fury AND roar fans when a GC highlight was shown
11493 We Jump for NQ Fury sung by the F-troop while linked by arms on shoulders and jumping together
15097 F-Troop Boys Sung at home games to all visiting teams
15557 We;re F-Troop, We're Eastern sung for the crowd
20688 Green and White Army Sung to the manager Ian Ferguson
20857 Hey Security Leave Our Flags Alone. Sung out to rythem of Pink Floyd towards security giving us a hard time about our flags being BIG


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