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101 Melbourne FC Dalok & amp; Football Chants

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6110 Grand Old Flag The MFC Club Song Lejátszási lista
6811 No History And they know it to Lejátszási lista
11087 Melbourne!!! The old AFL classic Lejátszási lista
15030 Robertson Scores Goals An old one for the book
15202 We're on Top of the League A chant for when we return
15256 Under the Red and White It's the theme song
15259 We Hate You Hawthorn, We Do tell it like it is
15273 Forever and Ever They know its true
15335 F*Ck off Back to Victoria Park Tellin the maggies to get out of our home and where to go
15411 We Are the Mfc Just lettin' the others know who we are
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15493 Those Were the Days look at the past and future
15639 Everywhere We Go They just wanna know...
15811 We Beat You Again Song says it all
16084 Sing North Stand Another for when they go quiet
16221 He Goes by the Name of Aaron Davey If you ever saw him play you'd understand
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