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175 Adelaide United Dalok & amp; Football Chants

699 We Are the Army, the Red Army! The loyalest Football Supporters in Australia Lejátszási lista
1464 And United Is Rolling Along Unofficial Club Song Lejátszási lista
3093 Adelaide I Love You A great chant from the South End Lads that echoes around Hindmarsh Stadium. Lejátszási lista
5270 Ohhh..Adelaide! Adelaide United - quick and snappy Lejátszási lista
5469 United (Slow) Adelaide United chant (Ed: Check out some of the Argentina/ Italian/ English songs for tune ideas please, we have to master these :)) Lejátszási lista
6412 We Love You/Thats the Way We Like It We love you, we love you, we love
6568 Travis Dodd Is Magic Song for our captain
6928 Adelaide Your the Greatest Team of All Sung after another goal
7435 Adelaide Picnic We’ll chop you up and put you in a barrel.
8761 Cassio Chant (To the Tune of 'Vertigo') Based on the second chorus of the song 'Vertigo' by U2.
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10876 Adelaide Born, Adelaide Bred Adelaide Classic
11390 Love, Life, Breath and Death Adelaide I love you
11885 U.N.I.T.E.D. United are the team for me
12393 F*ck'em All, F*ck'em All Sydney, Melbourne, Newcastle
12693 United Sung at all Home Games in A-Leauge
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